70167--Nice grade Kentucky Snyders



70167--Nice grade Kentucky Snyders

70167--Nice grade Kentucky Snyders
70167--Nice grade Kentucky Snyders
70167--Nice grade Kentucky Snyders

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The Snyders is out of the Knox County, Kentucky, area, a light colored flint (more gloss, more silicate) than a chert, but this must have been a locally0available flint, I haven't seen enough of it to put an identification on the flint. Hopewell peoples, though, they had such extensive trading networks, the flint may not be from south central Kentucky at all. Length is 2&5/16" by 1&9/16", center thickness is very slightly over 3/8"--slightly darker cortex shows along the one face. Very slight wear shows on the very tip and barb ends. Note on the more 'stubby' barb, it's ground smooth. Your hands will easily pick up on that small spot of heavy use (or polish)--there's a reason it was ground, simply another ":Now why?" question that may never be known. Overall patination is excellent, every detail guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $6.00, checks, cash, or M.O.s are welcomed. Sorry, I don't use paypal--Roy A.

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