70586--Ohio River found Cornernotch dart-IN



70586--Ohio River found Cornernotch dart-IN

70586--Ohio River found Cornernotch dart-IN
70586--Ohio River found Cornernotch dart-IN

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Backlight this Kirk Cornernotch dart, it shows (clearly) the flint is Kentucky Blue Flint--the high-grade flint that comes from creek off the northern end of Ft. Knox (and surrounding areas)--FINE material that knapped aw well as any flint this country ever produced. The secondary flakes, those pressure flakes that form the blade edges, are so tiny that the edgework is artistry. Higher quality, higher silicate flints allowed that level of Early Archaic skill to excell. At one time this was a much longer Kirk, what looks like an impact fracture still shows on the reverse face--what was once a knife was reduced in size to make a dart point. On this Kirk there IS some basal grinding, more than on most Kirks--but as there is no bevel sharpening, you know it IS a Kirk (not a Lost Lake). The piece comes from Perry County, Indiana, in my personal collection for more than a decade--REAL in every detail. Shipping is $5.00, checks, cash, or M.O.s welcomed. Sorry, I don't use paypal--Roy A.

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