70548--Large Square Stemmed Kaolin Flint point



70548--Large Square Stemmed Kaolin Flint point

70548--Large Square Stemmed Kaolin Flint point
70548--Large Square Stemmed Kaolin Flint point
70548--Large Square Stemmed Kaolin Flint point

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A big hafted knife out of the Union or Jackson County, southern Illinois, area, a grade of Kaolin Flint, measures 4&1/16" by 1&3/8"--only 3/8" max thickness, so the piece, a Stemmed Knife, is VERY symmetrical. Now, that short stem has some edge dulling--not heavy, but if the piece was Late Archaic it wouldn't have have any grinding, so I'd (personally) type the piece as Adena--Adena Robbins Culture. In the photos you can see some very tiny blade edge nicks, to contrast (study) the patina, you look at those modern-made small nicks--the piece is 100% real. An interesting feature it the tip, note the flake scar on one edge and the work-polished small edging chips on the opposite side of the tip--the user was making holes i leather,, it looks like--work polish, you can easily feel the usage. The last owner, could have been the finder (unknown) is deceased, and didn't place any stickers to give additional provenance...regardless, the piece is lifetime guaranteed real--the patina is there, the collector lived in the Kaolin Flint distribution area below Carbondale, IL. Shipping is $6.00, with checks, cash, or M.O.s welcomed. Sorry, I don't use paypal--Roy A.

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