70491--Sonora Flint Beaver Lake dart



70491--Sonora Flint Beaver Lake dart

70491--Sonora Flint Beaver Lake dart
70491--Sonora Flint Beaver Lake dart
70491--Sonora Flint Beaver Lake dart

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Out of McLean County, Kentucky, , Sonora Flint (FINE colored Sonora, let me add), a Late Paleo Beaver Lake dart that's only 1&3/4" by 7/8"--the thickness in the hafting area is a full 5/16", so this had to be a relatively longer piece to start. The blade really thins toward the tip. The first thing you notice when you hold and study the dart is the lateral edge grinding, the basal grinding. I'll emphasize that grinding as the 'form' resembles some Mid Archaic point forms--Brewertons, specifically. Mid Archaic darts, though, you might search your whole life before finding one that was basally ground (none of mine are ground, and I've been collecting for fifty years). The piece was in Dr. Skaggs collection, several years in my 'keeper' material, saved for a rainy day (that's today, since it's storming). Neat piece, lifetime guaranteed real. Shipping is included with the price, checks, cash, or M.O.s are the three payment types I welcome (no electronic payments)--Roy A.

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