68215--Full Groove Axe--a fire starter?



68215--Full Groove Axe--a fire starter?

68215--Full Groove Axe--a fire starter?
68215--Full Groove Axe--a fire starter?
68215--Full Groove Axe--a fire starter?

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Out of the Wabash or Edwards County, S.E. Illinois, area, an estate from a field hunter who walked sites along a long creek drainage that separated those counties. The Full Groove Early Archaic Axe is made of Greenstone, VERY obviously salvaged several times from a longer ax head--the bit really became 'stubby' from all the re-work. One of the final times the piece underwent salvage it was necessary to remove a part of the front groove ridge (it's ground smooth), likely to insert a wedge to hold the head more tightly to the handle. The bit shows considerable chopping action, and something I left to show how the piece was purchased: dirt still on the bit edge--never cleaned. This collector found quite a few axes, far more than I ever found; for his own reasons he never cleaned this axe, he stored it away. Length is 2&15/16" by 2&3/4", almost 1&5/8" at the thickest (on the heel). Having ignored the "best feature" until now--was the drilled hole a 'fire starter'? Greenstone isn't known for fossil inclusions, so it isn't a pop out, and the hole it too perfectly round for anything else except fitting a reed, spinning it until friction reached the ignition temp. of grass or leaves. The diameter seems too small, but if you have a better idea, send it my way. Neat piece, real. Shipping comes with the price. Payment to be by check or money order (at this time)--Roy A.

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