64446--Indiana Paleo, one-side-fluted Clovis



64446--Indiana Paleo, one-side-fluted Clovis

64446--Indiana Paleo, one-side-fluted Clovis
64446--Indiana Paleo, one-side-fluted Clovis
64446--Indiana Paleo, one-side-fluted Clovis

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Out of Dr Skaggs collection here in S.W. Indiana, listed as Posey County, Indiana, provenance on the case lid--the site information as well. In the almost two years I've owned the piece I have switched my classification from Beaver Lake to Clovis, and back again. One simple reason: Beaver Lake Late Paleo peoples did NOT flute their points, and one face here is definitely fluted; the back face shows multiple thinning flakes removed. The lateral grinding is outstanding, basal grinding would be better it it weren't for the Paleo snapped auricle. It is what it is, work-made damage. The material is either Ft. Payne Chert or Illinois Elco chert--found in a county next to Illinois, that's possible, but the flints are too similar, many times, to distinguish. My caliper reads one-half sixteenth over 2" by 13/16", with outstanding blade thinning, only 1/4" max thickness. Why I classify as Clovis is based on the flute, and the fact that the blade is straight (or very slightly out-flaring) from auricle to where it rounds into the tip. Beaver Lake would have slightly more of an in-curvate profile above the auricles. The piece is lifetime guaranteed authentic, described as accurately as I'm able. Shipping comes with the price, payment by check, money order, or if you agree to use "Friends and Family through Paypal--Roy A.

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