#56197--Paleo Clovis Preform, Sonora Flint



#56197--Paleo Clovis Preform, Sonora Flint

#56197--Paleo Clovis Preform, Sonora Flint
#56197--Paleo Clovis Preform, Sonora Flint
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A Southern Kentucky Clovis Paleo Preform made from Sonora Flint, 2&1/2" by 1&1/4", 3/8" thickness at the center of the medial ridge. The Clovis flake scars travel from edge to medial ridge, and in some cases past the medial ridge--Outre Pas flaking technique. The base was deliberately ground flat as a prep for fluting the knife/ preform at least on the higher ridged face. There being a slight 'dish-in' on the reverse I doubt there would have been more than basal thinning flakes, multiple shallow strikes--or a short, very shallow flute. You can really feel the grinding on the base, though. Why the piece wasn't 'finished', that's anyone's guess, but from the look of the blade the piece was used as a knife. Note on the tip the Paleo user built a burin (perforator) and a polishing indention. Note, took, that the Christian/ Muhlenburg County, Kentucky, collector who found the piece dabbed-on' what looks like red paint or ink. There is no explanation I can offer for that red spotting, and I've not tried to clean it. Assuming it's ink, consider it permanent; certain chemicals may dull the red, but once ink soaks into flint it's not coming off with any ease. The piece is lifetime guaranteed authentic in all regards. Shipping is $5.00, and checks are much appreciated--Roy A.

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