#56895--Decent Indiana Hornstone Adena



#56895--Decent Indiana Hornstone Adena

#56895--Decent Indiana Hornstone Adena
#56895--Decent Indiana Hornstone Adena
#56895--Decent Indiana Hornstone Adena
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A very well made hornstone Adena from a Warrick County, Indiana, collection--3&3/16" by 1&3/16". It's easy to tell the Woodland point was made off a large flake instead of a bifacial preform, one face has a center dish-in. A preform would have been cambered on both faces. The edgework is pressure chipped, and considering this was likely a hafted knife that dish-in wouldn't have mattered. The rounded stem has pretty good edge grinding, and the very base was made flat, center-notched for hafting, then heavier ground. the piece is better than the pictures show, I think, and lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is free, with checks welcomed--Roy A.

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