#53009-Fourteen field finds, Indiana & Kentucky



#53009-Fourteen field finds, Indiana & Kentucky

#53009-Fourteen field finds, Indiana & Kentucky
#53009-Fourteen field finds, Indiana & Kentucky
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A mix of points and Hafted Scrapers found in the fields around Owensboro, Kentucky--both sides of the Ohio River. The finder had a pretty productive Greenbrier site as there ae three of that point type in the center of the group, the smallest having been converted into a tiny drill form (hornstone), and a fossil chert Greenbrier beside it. The longest of the entire group is a 2&3/8" hornstone knife with a glossy use-polish finish. Note the tiny salvaged base in the center--it's actually a Hafted Scraper (as are five of the others in the fourteen)--the snapped end shows heavy, heavy use polish. How the Mid Archaic Culture user kept the piece on a handle as short as it is (7/16"), but they did. The top row is composed of a long Benton Blunt (scraper) made of Dover Flint, 2&3/16", and opposite corner is a Kirk Snap Base made of a Chalcedony. You'll spot fire damage on the one side of the base, but somehow the one long barb survived--total length is 1&3/16". All are guaranteed authentic, period. Shipping is $5.00 and checks are appreciated--best to everyone for the holidays--Roy A.

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