#53007--Glossy red Jasper flint knife



#53007--Glossy red Jasper flint knife

#53007--Glossy red Jasper flint knife
#53007--Glossy red Jasper flint knife

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Found along the Ohio River near Owensboro, Kentucky (the finders' home city), but it's as possible the piece was found on the Indiana side of the river (no markings on the piece from the finder). Length is 2&15/16" by 1&13/16"--3/4" thickness, so this isn't a thin blade, it's a work tool knapped from a piece of ricer cobble Jasper found along a river rockbar--striking color, though.. What culture made it--good question, but the area was home to every people from Clovis up through Mississippians. The strong patination would lead me to believe the piece was Early Archaic (7500BP) or Paleo, the shape resembling what Paleo people made their work knives. Possibly it's a characteristic of this type Jasper, but the surface is downright slick, like the gloss came from work polish--a great in-hand feel. Lifetime guaranteed authentic, period. Shipping is $4.00, checks appreciated. Best of Thanksgiving holidays to everyone--Roy A.& family

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