#52997--In/ KY Lost Lake with ancient salvage



#52997--In KY Lost Lake with ancient salvage

#52997--In KY Lost Lake with ancient salvage
#52997--In KY Lost Lake with ancient salvage
#52997--In KY Lost Lake with ancient salvage
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Anciently salvaged, this Lost Lake comes from a Daviess County, Owensboro, Kentucky, collection. With the location of that city, hunters (for years) have driven across the Ohio River to hunt Spencer County, Indiana, riverbottoms---so was this Lost Lake found in IN, or KY, who knows. When the finder didn't mark the piece you know WHERE they hunted and have to fill in the blanks. The piece is made of a very glossy Hornstone sharpened to 2&1/8" by 1&13/16". There is a slight color difference in the patina in the percussion chipped salvage area, so it's quite possible a later culture (Mid-to-Late Archaic) hunter found and modified what he saw as a broken knife. When you see percussion chipping in a salvage area and the rest of the knapping is pressure chipping (much finer workmanship), you know someone other than the original maker modified the tool...you don't make barbs that artistic and then bang a new knife blade edge with a rock. Note a very well made center notch on the heavily ground stem. Neat piece, lifetime guaranteed real. Shipping is $4.00, checks appreciated--Roy A.

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