#52996--Indiana Ft Ancient serrated triangle



#52996--Indiana Ft Ancient serrated triangle

#52996--Indiana Ft Ancient serrated triangle
#52996--Indiana Ft Ancient serrated triangle
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Made of a Muldrough Flint, the source flint very likely found in a Harrison County, Indiana creek, this Mississippian Ft. Ancient point has decent length,1&3.4", and that's with a tip chip that nicked a little over a sixteenth of an inch off (ancient use-damage)--there is a very small chip off a basal corner, too, no use ignoring it, no one wants to unwrap a piece to find damage they weren't expecting, me included. The serrations are what make the piece, though. The Mississippian point was found in Warrick County, Indiana, the site now under a mini-storage business, lol. It's real, period. Shipping is $4.00, checks appreciated--Roy A.

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