Iowa Pulaski



Iowa Pulaski

Iowa Pulaski
Iowa Pulaski
Iowa Pulaski
Iowa Pulaski
Iowa Pulaski
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Price: $30.00
Status: Available
Dimensions:3 12" x 1 78"

I have the shipping on this Iowa Pulaski. It has a few ancient dings but is a very nice point made of fossilized material. Found by Jim Millard, it is from Van Buren County. The base is ground and all of the edges show heavy use wear. I offer my usual 30 day satisfaction guarantee, lifetime on authenticity.

P.S. - I just looked at the photos and one makes it look like Strawberry flint, sorry, no such luck and while the base is ground it is not a Dovetail.

Disclaimer: Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing

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