#50387--Small (1.75



#50387--Small (1.75

#50387--Small (1.75
#50387--Small (1.75
#50387--Small (1.75
#50387--Small (1.75
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Price: $45.00
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Out of the Somerset, Kentucky, area, this small Paleo dart point is kust over 1&3/4" by 13/16". I would classify it as a Late Paleo Beaver Lake point or an un-fluted Cumberland. The reason for that duo classification is that the base is set up for a flute--a "fluting platform" was built for a baton stroke that never came. Why build the platform and not finish the flute, I have no answer, but you can feel strong grinding in the auriculate base-center; maybe it wasn't necessary. There are a few modern-made chips that show the strong patination of the hornstone, the dark coloration under the surface patina.They're there, they're part of the history of the piece. This point has been in my personal collection for almost twenty years, it's real, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, checks are welcomed--Roy A.

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