#49314--Kentucky Turkey Tail, hornstone



#49314--Kentucky Turkey Tail, hornstone

#49314--Kentucky Turkey Tail, hornstone
#49314--Kentucky Turkey Tail, hornstone
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A very stained (creek stain?) hornstone Turkey Tail out of the Meade County, Kentucky, area, 2&5/16" by 1&5/16"--very well defined barbs and tip, no damage, so it was likely lost shortly after the last sharpening--hadn't had time for tip wear to dull the sharp point. Note the very square (flat to the blade) barbs--some Late Archaic (2500BP) knapper had a strong idea of how the shoulders should fall compared to the blade. There is little stem edge grinding until you get right below the shoulders; could be incidental dulling due to some movement in the sines causing the stem to rub the wood/ bone handle of the knife. Lifetime guaranteed authentic in every detail. Shipping is $4.00, checks or M.O.s each with day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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