#49865--Snap Base Indiana Lost Lake



#49865--Snap Base Indiana Lost Lake

#49865--Snap Base Indiana Lost Lake
#49865--Snap Base Indiana Lost Lake
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The first time I picked up this Spencer County, Indiana, Snap Base Lost Lake I noted the strong bevels, but didn't spend enough time examining how the base had been Early Archaic-salvaged. The serrated blade cutting edge was still long enough for re-hafting the knife and continued usage--that's why it has what a weak 'shoulders' to tie-on a new handle. You can feel the edge grinding done so smooth any burrs in the now rounded (instead of stemmed) base. Some may only see a broken artifact, I see a 2&1/2" long hornstone knife some Early Archaic hunter went to considerable trouble to keep using. Salvage points have far more character than any G-10 piece--this flat-faced knife shows a good example of that. Shipping is $4.00, checks or M.O.s are welcomed..
One note: if someone thinks I'm simply 'hyping' a snap base--you should see my "keeper" frame of salvaged Thebes--cool pieces, I think--Roy A.

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