#49848==SUPER polished bit from a flint spade



#49848==SUPER polished bit from a flint spade

#49848==SUPER polished bit from a flint spade
#49848==SUPER polished bit from a flint spade
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Wish there were more of the piece, but this bit-end was what was found on a Mississippian Culture site here in Vanderburgh County, Indiana. The flint is the 'standard' for Spades, Illinois Mill Creek Flint--anciently snapped off 2&3/16" long and 3&5/8" wide--the full spade would have been 8" or even 9"--ancient damage, this isn't plow damage, but the rest of the piece may never turn up, sold as a superb example of what use-polish to a spade looks like after digging in sandy river plain soils. Lots of usage in the 1250--1400 era, guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $5.00 due to the weight, and checks or M.O.s are welcomed--Roy A.

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