#49831--Slate Gorge piece made into Pendant



#49831--Slate Gorge piece made into Pendant

#49831--Slate Gorge piece made into Pendant
#49831--Slate Gorge piece made into Pendant
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Re-drilled a couple different ways after the original Gorget snapped, the piece has a new hole drilled in the center and also a very small hole drilled on a very corner. It's that angle-drilled corner hole that makes me think this piece of banded slate became a Pendant--the angle drilling is consistent with how pendants are drilled. You have to wonder, was the rest of the Gorget given (and worn) by a spouse? An interesting question even if there is no answer. The piece measures 1&1/2" by 1&5/16", a very thin 1/4" thick--comes from Spencer County, southwest Indiana, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, checks or M.O.s are welcomed--Roy A.

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