#49542--Ten fossil chert arowheads-Indiana



#49542--Ten fossil chert arowheads-Indiana

#49542--Ten fossil chert arowheads-Indiana
#49542--Ten fossil chert arowheads-Indiana
#49542--Ten fossil chert arowheads-Indiana
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Earn a $500 reward IN CASH if you know who the "Troll of Arrowheads.com" is--I'll pay (gladly) to learn his identity. Someone out there knows, and I'd appreciate your help getting this guy to stop playing games with my store listings--Roy Autry
All ten are made from our southern Indiana Harrodsburg Fossil chert--the ones that are more red in color are heat-treated to make the flint more "knappable", fracture in smaller chips. The longest is 2&1/16" (Adena at the bottom of the picture). the oldest is a cornernotched Early Archaic point at right-center, it shows basal grinding (1&1/2")--the only one of the ten with basal edge grinding, although the basally-salvaged left side point may have originally had edge grinding, it's hard to tell which came first, the grinding or the salvage that smoothed the base enough to allow it to be re-hafted.. The top piece, dark red, is Mid Archaic, and usually these small Brewertons are blunted as Hafted Scrapers when salvaged--it's next phase would have been to convert it into a "Blunt" I would expect. ALL are lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $6.00, checks or M.O.s are welcomed--Roy A.

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