#49540--Indiana Lost Lake, hornstone



#49540--Indiana Lost Lake, hornstone

#49540--Indiana Lost Lake, hornstone
#49540--Indiana Lost Lake, hornstone
#49540--Indiana Lost Lake, hornstone

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One barb away from a $150 Lost Lake, but this is the way the piece was found. The piece is out of a Dubois County, Indiana, collection, made from hornstone, 2&3/8" by almost 1&1/2". The missing barb and the tiny corner of the base are both Early Archaic made, they're from use, not plow damage. One note--the base is deeply indented to "socket" the knife head in its handle--as the basal grinding is interrupted by the indention my 'take' is that the knife was re-hafted, the second handle was shaped different--or had a burr to the deer antler--that meant indenting a slight "V" in the base was easier than grinding the super-hard antler beam. NICE patina, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, checks or M.O.s are welcomed--Roy A.

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