#48356--Illinois Kirk Cornernotch



#48356--Illinois Kirk Cornernotch

#48356--Illinois Kirk Cornernotch
#48356--Illinois Kirk Cornernotch
#48356--Illinois Kirk Cornernotch
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Made from a type Chalcedony that resembles high silicate forms (unnamed flint, to my knowledge) found in Hancock county, Kentucky, and also similar to Indiana West Franklin chert--likely, as far to the S.W. as this point was found (Massac County, Illinois) it's made from another similar deposit found along the Ohio River. Length is 1&11/16" by 1&1/8", and thickness is 5/16"; flaking and basal grinding are classic Early Archaic Kirk workmanship, 7500BP. Some of these Chalcedony-type "flints" have numerous fracture planes, t=so the Cornernotch may not have started as too much larger of a blade. Wear on the barb ends shows considerable usage, though. Note the basal edge has a lateral fracturing similar to a Decatur--intentional, not damage. Another interesting feature is that one barb shows later period use and damage touch-up--definitely not new damage or modification, but not Kirk Culture, either. Guaranteed authentic and as described. Shipping is $4.00, checks or M.O.s appreciated--Roy A.

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