#48270--Indiana Hardin point, hornstone



#48270--Indiana Hardin point, hornstone

#48270--Indiana Hardin point, hornstone
#48270--Indiana Hardin point, hornstone
#48270--Indiana Hardin point, hornstone
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Smaller than you'd expect from a Knobbed Hardin (2&1/4" by 1&1/16"), but pressure flaked, basal ground, and Early Archaic construction (and patination). Only reaching a little over a quarter inch thick the piece may never have been too much longer--w wider blade, as you can see the in-curvate edge from repeated sharpen-and-use cycles--the last usage left one very small tip chip; barbs and basal corners are in great condition. The piece was found in the Perry--Spencer county, Indiana, area, along the Ohio River, where multiple occupations are stacked on the low farm field ridges provided escape from high water. The Hardin is lifetime guaranteed authentic in every detail. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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