#48246--Five S.W. Indiana Arrowheads--REAL



#48246--Five S.W. Indiana Arrowheads--REAL

#48246--Five S.W. Indiana Arrowheads--REAL
#48246--Five S.W. Indiana Arrowheads--REAL
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Fond by a long-deceased collector along the White River drainage in S.W> Indiana, these five represent some of the different cultures that inhabited this meandering river valley--and the various flints they used for their tools. The longest piece is a fossil chert knife , 2&11/16", and from the 7500 year before present era Early Archaic Period. One look at the blade nicks and you know it was used and sharpened over-and-over. The 2&1/2" Snap Base Kirk cornernotch is a purplish colored flint from this area. Somewhere or other in the archaeological records there has to be a chert-type-name, but I've never heard it used. The third Early Archaic piece is the lobed base fossil chert Drill form--could be typed as either a MacCorkle Drill, or a Rice Lobbed--still in that appx 7500 ypb time frame. The white chert point is a Late Archaic Stemmed,1&13/16", and the last point is a Madison Bow-and-arrow point, only five hundred or so years old--tip shows it hit something, VERY hard, broke part of the tip. All five are lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s each with day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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