#48177--Kentucky Mud Creek Late Archaic



#48177--Kentucky Mud Creek Late Archaic

#48177--Kentucky Mud Creek Late Archaic
#48177--Kentucky Mud Creek Late Archaic
#48177--Kentucky Mud Creek Late Archaic
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Basal/ Corner notching similar to a Snyders, but thicker than a typical Snyders, this Mud Creek was made with a surprising degree of pressure flaking--Late Archaic pieces seeming to use percussion chipping more as their 'standard'. The piece is out of the Livingston County, Kentucky, area, made from hornstone1&7/8" by a wide 1&9/16". Factoring length--width there must have been a number of ancient sharpenings to get this blade down to this length. The tip is intact, but shows how hard it must have been to keep a sharp tip when the blade tip is well down into the medial ridge.As you would expect with that timeperiod there is no basal edge grinding. The old catalog number inked-on didn't have a 'key' to it, so what the number represents is long lost. Patination is very good, every detail is guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, and checks are welcomed--Roy A.

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