#47739--Creek Found Kentucky Adena



#47739--Creek Found Kentucky Adena

#47739--Creek Found Kentucky Adena
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2&8/16" by 2&5/16"--5/16" stem area, this Hopkins County, Kentucky, creek find is a very good grade of Hornstone, but with unmistakable creek stain (iron). The stem was worked all the way to the edge of the starting flint flake, so it's easiest to call it a "Snap Base" form--not from a break, but made this way.You can feel the polish where the Woodland Culture hunter ground that bottom edge smooth. Note--take a moment to study the flaking pattern, some real artistry there, I think. Lifetime guaranteed authentic in every detail. Shipping is $4.00, checks or M.O.s each with day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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