#48459--Large Early Archaic flint knife



#48459--Large Early Archaic flint knife

#48459--Large Early Archaic flint knife
#48459--Large Early Archaic flint knife
#48459--Large Early Archaic flint knife
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A Vigo County, Indiana, area Early Archaic Culture flint knife3.5" by 1.25", slightly over .375" (3/8") at the thickest spot--pretty good preform thinning to get so wide of a flint knife this flat. The chert is giving me a problem identifying it--in some ways it's like a very dark form of Attica (Indiana Green); that could simply be patination, or it could be a local deposit of material similar to "Green". that was exploited. In studying the tip on this piece I'm open to hearing theories--the double indentions make a sort of 'gouge', but are the dip-ins more for sharpening wood & bone tools? Their small size wouldn't work for a spear/ dart shaft, the diameter is too small. You can feel work-polish in each spot, so they definitely were intentional. The big blade shows decent pressure chipping, so the user may have relied more on thinness than serration for cutting; seems to fit equally well when held in either hand. Again, great patina, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, checks or M.O.s welcomed--Roy A.

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