#47395--Riverbank found Beacon Island



#47395--Riverbank found Beacon Island

#47395--Riverbank found Beacon Island
#47395--Riverbank found Beacon Island
#47395--Riverbank found Beacon Island
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A Late Archaic point type (Beacon Island) that seems to be very infrequently found--you see one after some off-time, you think it's a "squashed" base on a Turkey Tail--possibly related, but other than the type site the distribution seems to be in and around Kentucky. This 2&5/8" banded Hornstone point comes from off one of the rivers in Livingston County, Kentucky, purchased from the finder.. Like so many Late Archaic Culture point forms, there is no basal grinding. The basal corner is notched to fit whatever wooden shaft that it attached to, it is NOT damaged. Style-wise the Beacon Island is Overstreet "textbook" in form, lifetime guaranteed authentic in every detail. Shipping is $4.00, checks are much appreciated, receive the same day-after-receipt shipping as M.O.s--Roy A.

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