G-10 Orangish Hoxie



G-10 Orangish Hoxie

G-10 Orangish Hoxie
G-10 Orangish Hoxie
G-10 Orangish Hoxie
G-10 Orangish Hoxie
G-10 Orangish Hoxie
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Price: $225.00
Status: Available
Dimensions:2.75 x .875

This is such a beautiful Travis County artifact and very unusual in that, while bevels are common on Hoxie Points, the bevels are so steep they are approaching 80 degrees. The orange hue makes the flaking very visible and both faces are immaculately flaked with a flattened cross section except that it is beveled on one side instead of being bifacially resharpened. Sharpening from one side only is common on Darl Horizon points. Obverse and Reverse stem was first thinned with a long flute-like flake then pressure flaked. The base and stem are heavily ground, very visible with a loupe and easily detected by touch. It has Roger's COA and I have the shipping.

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