artifact display case - 2" foam



artifact display case - 2" foam

artifact display case - 2" foam
artifact display case - 2" foam
artifact display case - 2" foam

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Price: $135.00
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Dimensions:18" X 18" X 3"

Curly Maple , also known as “Flame or Tiger Maple”, is a feature of maple in which the growth of the wood fibers is distorted in an undulating swirl pattern; producing wavy lines known as “flames”. Prized for its beautiful appearance, Curly Maple is frequently used for manufacturing fine antique furniture and musical instruments. The cause of curl in trees is unknown but is highly sought after for its beautiful figure.

Beautifully crafted and uniquely made, these display cases are made of curly maple collected from Amish mills. Locally made, each piece is handcrafted from quality materials made in our woodshop located in Navarre, OH.

These cases feature a high quality 2" low density foam which allows the case to hold precious artifacts of various sizes without movement.

From its durable 1/8 inch double strength glass to its lockable, brass plated claspes, every material used to create this detailed masterpiece is USA made.


1" Foam: Displays all points and thinner slate.

1.5" Foam: Good for all slates and thinner banner stones.

2" Foam: Great for a variety of artifacts, including banner stones and birdstones.

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