#47292--Nineteen Kentucky arrowheads



#47292--Nineteen Kentucky arrowheads

#47292--Nineteen Kentucky arrowheads
#47292--Nineteen Kentucky arrowheads
#47292--Nineteen Kentucky arrowheads
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Found around Daviess County, Kentucky, these nineteen dart points, flint knives and a couple drills are mostly made from gray hornstone--the longest is 3" by 1&7/8", a snapped-base Early Archaic Dovetail--has slight bevel sharpening, so the base broke when the piece was still an early stage hafted knife. From the grinding on the basal edge the piece was smoothed so it wouldn't cut into the users' hand while working as a hand-held knife--hold it in your hand, you'll feel how it fits. Neat piece that was salvaged to keep on working. The other large piece is a salvaged 7,500 year old MacCorkle 2&9/16". Surrounding the bigger pieces are a mix of darts and tools, each interesting in their own right, and each is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is Priority Mail, $8.00, and checks or M.O.s are welcomed--Roy A.

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