#47274--One end of a black slate Gorget



#47274--One end of a black slate Gorget

#47274--One end of a black slate Gorget
#47274--One end of a black slate Gorget
#47274--One end of a black slate Gorget
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Length is 2&1/4", broken on the one drill hole Gorget, either Hopewell or Adena Culture--being drilled from each side I'd expect it was Adena. Trying to estimate what would have been the original length, you assume the twin drill holes were at least one inch apart, so if my logic holds up the as-first-made length was 5&1/4"---a long piece of slate, definitely. Was the one small"dimple" an attempt to re-drill the suspension hole to make this a pendant? That's my guess, it looks too perfectly spaced, exactly where a single suspension hole would be. Width is 1&1/2" by 3/8", GREAT polish to the black slate. The piece comes from a southwest Indiana farm estate sale, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or <.O.s welcomed--Roy A.

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