#47259-- Kentucky Stilwell, great patina



#47259-- Kentucky Stilwell, great patina

#47259-- Kentucky Stilwell, great patina
#47259-- Kentucky Stilwell, great patina
#47259-- Kentucky Stilwell, great patina
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A Webster County, Kentucky, found stemmed Stilwell made from very patinated hornstone, 2&3/4" by right at 1&1/2", 3/8" max thickness. Multiple Early Archaic sharpen-and-use cycles reduced the length somewhat. Note the 'dish-in" at the tip is NOT an impact fracture, it's part of the original shape of the hornstone preform as it was fractured off a round spall of flint. If the blade was originally a couple inches longer (Stilwell points/ knives could be some of the longer point types Early Archaic hunters made), this was a small cup-in in the center of the blade. As the blade shortened with edge (and tip) re-edging the cup-in came closer to the tip itself. There is some basal edge grinding, but not heavy--patina "IS heavy, though, every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O>s welcomed--I try to ship the day after I receive the payment--Roy A.

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