#47206--Sonora flint Big Sandy-GREAT base



#47206--Sonora flint Big Sandy-GREAT base

#47206--Sonora flint Big Sandy-GREAT base
#47206--Sonora flint Big Sandy-GREAT base
#47206--Sonora flint Big Sandy-GREAT base
#47206--Sonora flint Big Sandy-GREAT base
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To my view, this is as good as the base on a Big Sandy Broad Base gets--totally disregarding how great the number of blade sharpenings went on--and they did, obviously, the blade is cut-and-beveled into almost a drill form. At the very tip is an ancient use-made ding that could only have been made by drill-type work; had the Early Archaic (7500 YBP) hunter have used the tool as a prying instrument the thin tip would have shattered. What was the original length of the Sonora Flint--good question, but you don't fashion a base that's 1&11/16" wide on a blade that's now 2&5/8". One note--because this is Kentucky Sonora flint it worked into a thin preform, only 5/16" reads on my caliper, single thickest spot. The artifact comes from a Webster County, Kentucky collection filled with creek finds--the condition, the patination would indicate this Broad Base is alsso a creek find. It's lifetime guaranteed authentic, period. Shipping is $4.00 with checks or M.O.s appreciated--Roy A.

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