#47013--Eight Indiana arrowheads



#47013--Eight Indiana arrowheads

#47013--Eight Indiana arrowheads
#47013--Eight Indiana arrowheads
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A mix of Vigo, Sullivan and Knox Counties along the western edge of Indiana, these eight are field and Wabash River beach finds, a mix of gray hornstone types (6 of the 8), a two-tone rust and tan flint and one cornernoched point of a flint I can't quite identify. The longest is a 2&15/16" Woodland point. Each of the eight has a tip that was either slightly dinged or turned into a perforating tool (see the darkest gray Adena). They're worked-and-used tools, they're real. Shipping is $5.00 due to the weight, and checks or M.O>s are welcomed, no holding periods--Roy A.

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