#47952--Indiana Big Sandy



#47952--Indiana Big Sandy

#47952--Indiana Big Sandy
#47952--Indiana Big Sandy
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Found in the Spencer or Perry County, Indiana, area, and made of a good grade of Indiana Derby Flint found in the hills of that region 1&5/8" by 1&1/16", only 1/4" thick. Having traced various creeks for the flint source, this is one of my favorite flint types--good luster, but so many fracture planes that you don't see too many large points/ blades made from Derby. Basal grinding on this Early Archaic point is VERY heavy, and one basal side notch was anciently salvaged somewhat. There is one new ding on the tip, but having owned the piece for a couple decades it's hard to remember if it was that was when I got it (attached to a very large board)--you'll spot it, it's very white contrasted to the patination of the balance of the piece. Shipping is $4.00, checks or M.O.s are welcomed--Roy A.

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