#47929--Broken Paleo Beaver Lake tool



#47929--Broken Paleo Beaver Lake tool

#47929--Broken Paleo Beaver Lake tool
#47929--Broken Paleo Beaver Lake tool
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Only a base of what was once a superb S. W. Indiana Paleo Beaver Lake (hornstone), converted into a hand-held scraper/ knife--TWO different things happened to this Late Paleo point; the first being the obvious break to the tip--the last being a fire pop out of the cutting edge--or perhaps the damage was all fire related, some 9,000 years too late to ask the ancient hunter. Length is right at 1&3/8" by 1&1/8", barely 1/4" thick; basal / lateral edge grinding are outstanding, and the "cornmeal" looking fire damage was anciently salvaged into a cutting edge with very fine flakes. Neat piece, lifetime guaranteed authentic.Shipping is $4.00, checks or M.O.s welcomed--Roy A.

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