#47927--Tri-toned Illinois Kirk



#47927--Tri-toned Illinois Kirk

#47927--Tri-toned Illinois Kirk
#47927--Tri-toned Illinois Kirk
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A Massac County, Illinois riverbank find, this three-toned Kirk Stemmed is moderately serrated--2&5/16" of Hornstone, iron staining on the cortex areas, and a coloration that's actually similar to Sonora Flint. The piece was considerably larger before all the edge sharpening--medial ridge reaches 3/8", and is actually very proportional, so there had to have been more blade to start with. There is some stem edge grinding, but not very heavy--slight wear on the tip, use-dulled. Patina is excellent, every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s appreciated--Roy A.

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