#47900--Illinois Dalton, interesting history



#47900--Illinois Dalton, interesting history

#47900--Illinois Dalton, interesting history
#47900--Illinois Dalton, interesting history
#47900--Illinois Dalton, interesting history
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The Dalton is out of S.E. Illinois--unfortunately it didn't come to me with county information. What it had was a restored corner where the auricle was nicked-off. Just guessing, but the person who did the restoration wasn't very good at color matching, so they painted the entire point a tan shade.Huh? Why? 99% of the paint has been removed, as well as the do-it-yourself restoration.Personally, the piece looks a thousand percent better this was--the flint is the glossy form of white Kaolin Flint found in southern Illinois, 2&9/16" by 1&1/16". There is some Early Archaic-made wear on the tip, but then the strong bevel sharpening should have already told you the point went through numerous sharpen-and-use cycles. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic, exactly as described. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s welcomed--Roy A.

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