#47606--Creekfound Kentucky Kirk--PATINA



#47606--Creekfound Kentucky Kirk--PATINA

#47606--Creekfound Kentucky Kirk--PATINA
#47606--Creekfound Kentucky Kirk--PATINA
#47606--Creekfound Kentucky Kirk--PATINA
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One thing I like about selling creek finds--you NEVER have to defend them as real, the patination speaks for itself. So much as one newer chip (see the base of the one basal point), even if it's a thousand year old chip from a deer stepping on the point, it shows different patina. This Kirk Stemmed-Serrated is from the creeks around Henderson, Kentucky, made from aged gray hornstone 2&5/16" by 1&3/8"--the stone has turned a gold color from 7,500 years of rolling around a creek gravel bar. Neat piece. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O>s welcomed--Roy A.

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