#45565--Creekfound Kentucky Clovis



#45565--Creekfound Kentucky Clovis

#45565--Creekfound Kentucky Clovis
#45565--Creekfound Kentucky Clovis
#45565--Creekfound Kentucky Clovis
#45565--Creekfound Kentucky Clovis
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A 1&15/16" creek find from Daviess or Ohio County, Kentucky, some branch of a very long and twisting stream that flows through those two counties, this Paleo Clovis is made of a flint that outcrops in the Daviess--Hancock County, Kentucky, area. If the flint HAS a name I've never heard it used, even by artifact hunters in that area. This Clovis has an interesting notch made in the base, a very deliberate notch--did the fluting baton slip when the shallow flutes were being made--that's my 'take'. It looks like the notch was deepened with a carefully controlled "crushing technique" similar to the was cornernotches could be fashioned, then the basal edge was ground, same with the lower lateral edges. Under good light and magnification the work is ALL lifetime guaranteed ancient. I (and likely no one else) can tell you exactly why the base was Paleo modified from the standard auriculate form, but it was.Also, why the tip was notched, again, no good answers, but the patina is there, the work was ancient-the tip is somewhat rounded, but is has no work polish, so it wasn't a buffing-type tool. The explanation is long, but the guarantee is short: lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, checks PREFERRED, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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