#47560--Creekfound Bifurcated Stem Kirk



#47560--Creekfound Bifurcated Stem Kirk

#47560--Creekfound Bifurcated Stem Kirk
#47560--Creekfound Bifurcated Stem Kirk
#47560--Creekfound Bifurcated Stem Kirk
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An interesting variant of the Kirk Stemmed points, the stem here was slightly (but very deliberately) bifurcated--some grinding even in the center of the 'notch'.This must have been an early stage point as there is serration on only one blade edge, and even there serration was shallow. Length is 2&3/16"x 1&5/16", and only 1/4" max thickness. Now why the tip impact fracture was ground smooth, heavily use-polished, is a puzzle to me. Most probably the tip served some secondary purpose to the cutting blade, so instead of narrowing the entire blade to remove "damage" they instead used the tip as some sort of buffing tool. The heavily patinated, almost green- toned hornstone took its color from some 7500 years in a Henderson County, Kentucky, creekbed. Shipping is $4.00, checks or M.O>s welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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