#46560--Split base Indiana Dovetail



#46560--Split base Indiana Dovetail

#46560--Split base Indiana Dovetail
#46560--Split base Indiana Dovetail
#46560--Split base Indiana Dovetail
#46560--Split base Indiana Dovetail
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A very decent Split-Base Indiana Dovetail, 2&5/8" by 1&7/16" with a strongly ground basal edge. This hafted knife was once much longer, note the thickness reaches almost 7/16", the thickness supported a far longer cutting blade--it wouldn't be at all surprising if a full two inches were lost in all the sharpen-and-use cycles.This is a "lense" type flint, not a nodular flint, so getting larger blades didn't require as much precision when the flint chunk was split open. One of the pictures is taken on a 'slab' of the Derby Flint (Perry County, Indiana) that the Dovetail is made from--one look, you know that's the flint. Note--the finder liked to spray his finds with hairspray to "give them a shine"--I've cleaned the piece with Acetone to remove that shine--if there is a tiny trace down in the crevices, you know exactly what was done. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic, as described. Shipping is $4.00, checks are welcomed--Roy A.

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