#47552--Harpeth River, made from Buffalo Riv.cht



#47552--Harpeth River, made from Buffalo Riv.cht

#47552--Harpeth River, made from Buffalo Riv.cht
#47552--Harpeth River, made from Buffalo Riv.cht
#47552--Harpeth River, made from Buffalo Riv.cht
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An ex G.Noel, ex T. Davis Harpeth River point from a collection gathered along the Kentucky--Tennessee line near Clarksville, Tennessee. Being made of Buffalo River chert it isn't hard to guess this Harpeth River is from one of the Tennessee counties, the flint comes from that area, and Kentucky Early Archaic point-makers would have picked either Hornstone, Dover chert, or Ft. Payne chert--each region had its flint preference. This Harpeth has the classic four-sided sharpening technique (quadra-facial) as the close up photo shows--even the basal edge was beveled from either face. That made for an unusually thick basal edge (slightly edge-dulled). The 2&7/16" by 1&1/16", 5/16" thick point is very evenly patinated, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks/ M.O.s welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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