#47451--Paleo Agate Basin , Illinois



#47451--Paleo Agate Basin , Illinois

#47451--Paleo Agate Basin , Illinois
#47451--Paleo Agate Basin , Illinois
#47451--Paleo Agate Basin , Illinois
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From a collection is southeast Illinois, Lawrenceville area is about as close as I can give for provenance, information on the collection just wasn't kept. Flint is a honey-toned Burlington chert, a surprisingly high grade of that chert, you can see the gloss of higher silicate in the material. Length is slightly over 3", width is 1&1/8", and thickness is one of the defining characteristics of a Paleo Agate Basin--a THICK 7/17". The lowest half inch has lateral edge grinding, and the snapped base shows some of the heaviest grinding around. Note that where the lateral grinding stops the piece is slightly indented on both edges--presumably for hafting. These are very 'weak' shoulders, but that was the purpose of indenting the edges. Could be the lance/ knife was originally longer, thinner at the base, and the lashings were tied on where the medial ridge was thinner. Very small bits of varnish remain from where the piece was coated--someone removed 99% of the coating, but know that it was once coated to give the lance a 'shine'.What varnish remains is old and yellowed, but you know that was part of its history when you buy it--acetone will remove the rest, and will NOT damage the patina. Neat piece, guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks welcomed--Roy A.

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