#47436--Beach found Kirk Serrated, Kentucky



#47436--Beach found Kirk Serrated, Kentucky

#47436--Beach found Kirk Serrated, Kentucky
#47436--Beach found Kirk Serrated, Kentucky
#47436--Beach found Kirk Serrated, Kentucky
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Found in Lyon County, Kentucky, found on a river beach-- super toning of the Hornstone, as good as any arrow found in a creek bed--gray flint weathered and tannin stained to a rich brown color. Length is 2&5/8" by 1&5/16", 5/16" thickness, and Snap Base form. The base looks like it was the end-edge of the flint flake that started the process, so in this case I don't think there was a stem on the Kirk Serrated. The sharpening technique is the huge serrations seen on Lyon, Trigg, and Livingston County, Kentucky, Kirks. If I understood the finder the piece was only picked up a week ago-about as "fresh" of a find as you'll come across--every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic, Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s each receiving day after receipt shipping--Roy A.

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