#46422--River polished hornstone Snyders,



#46422--River polished hornstone Snyders,

#46422--River polished hornstone Snyders,
#46422--River polished hornstone Snyders,
#46422--River polished hornstone Snyders,
#46422--River polished hornstone Snyders,
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When you buy a frame of points that has even one highly polished point in it the first step is to use the Dwain Rogers "anything on it" test--Acetone. The heavy polish wasn't so much as dulled--same for using Xylol, no affect on either the heavy polish or the patination. That leaves you one conclusion: the piece was buffed to a high gloss by the Snyders Culture maker/ user. Why, that I couldn't begin to offer more than a guess, and that would be that the piece was worn as a pendant. With the edges being as dulled as they are the piece wouldn't cut into the wearers' skin--it looks to me as though the tip was also dulled for the same reason...maybe after wearing it a few times. Just speculation on my part. The Snyders measures 2&1/4" by 1&5/8", 5/16" max thickness. It comes from a Massac County, Illinois collection found along the Ohio river dividing Illinois and Kentucky. Which side of the river produced the piece, that wasn't marked.The point is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, checks or M.O>s are welcomed--Roy A.

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