#47408--Early stage Dalton or Holland (Dalton)



#47408--Early stage Dalton or Holland (Dalton)

#47408--Early stage Dalton or Holland (Dalton)
#47408--Early stage Dalton or Holland (Dalton)
#47408--Early stage Dalton or Holland (Dalton)
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A very early stage Dalton variety--could type as a Hemphill or a Holland variety, strong basal grinding and one face fluted, but the blade edges not yet so heavily sharpened that they're serrated. The flint is a grade of hornstone,2&5/8" by 1&5/16", 1/4" THIN and uniform thickness. There is one ancient blade edge nick, and a modern chip on the end of one basal "ear"--it isn't patinated with the 'toning' of seven or eight thousand years of weathering. Price reflects the minor damage, whether it was dropped of a case lid was closed on the piece, whatever caused the damage. Shipping is $4.00 with checks or M.O>s either one receiving day-after-rceipt shipping--Roy A.

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