#46784--Two colorful Kirk Stemmed- Serrated



#46784--Two colorful Kirk Stemmed- Serrated

#46784--Two colorful Kirk Stemmed- Serrated
#46784--Two colorful Kirk Stemmed- Serrated
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Price: $30.00
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A pair of Kirk Stemmed-serrated points from Dubois or Spencer County, Indiana, made of a locally found Indiana Derby Flint 1&7/8" and 1&9/16" respectively.. The smaller Kirk has more serrated blade edges, but they feel like they've had considerable wear--you wouldn't cut yourself on them without really trying. The larger of the two has a very thin cutting edge, so thin the back-lighted photo shows some translucence--each has decent, but not heavy basal edge grinding. The longer piece does have a chip off the very tip, but the price reflects that bit of damage.These have been in my collection for most of a decade, and are lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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