#46545--Three Indiana creek finds, Early Archaic



#46545--Three Indiana creek finds, Early Archaic

#46545--Three Indiana creek finds, Early Archaic
#46545--Three Indiana creek finds, Early Archaic
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Three Early Archaic creek finds from southwest Indiana, representing three very different cultures: Stilwell for the serrated 1&15/16" hornstone point, 1&5/8" on the side notch Big Sandy--flint is a creek mineral patinated white, due to location it is very likely a form of Indiana Derby flint, not a Burlington which is a lower silicate chert, and a, Indiana Ferdinand flint Bifurcate Lecroy,1&1/2"--colorful piece that shares the same black & white colors of Coshocton. Condition--the Stilwell has a shaft abrader cut into the side, you can feel use polish. The side notch has a modern chip on the very tip (my fault), and the basal corner on the Lecroy is NOT broken, , this was the way the original flake was worked. All three are lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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