#46440--Kentucky Clovis with fluting nipple



#46440--Kentucky Clovis with fluting nipple

#46440--Kentucky Clovis with fluting nipple
#46440--Kentucky Clovis with fluting nipple
#46440--Kentucky Clovis with fluting nipple
#46440--Kentucky Clovis with fluting nipple
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Out of the Madisonville, Kentucky, area (Hopkins or area county), this hornstone Clovis measures 2&7/8" by 1&3/8", slightly under 3/8" at the single thickest spot. Both faces are fluted, one side with a long, deep flute, the reverse with several light strokes of a fluting baton--note the fluting platform was never removed, so the Paleo hunter may have intended to make one deeper flute to that pre-thinned side. Something changed their mind, could be the lance was getting too thin, and there was no need to shatter the laance head just to make a deeper channel flake. Note, too, that the blade must have been considerably longer as first made--in narrowing the tip, shortening the length a stack in the flint makes the tip thicker than a Paleo hunter would ordinarily make it--symmetry was everything, as these were projectiles, not hafted knives. One auricle is gone, and the break looks more like farming damage than usage. A great old Clovis, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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